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Make a Joyful Noise

Music trains the ear, develops the mind and habits, and allows us to praise our God.  Students have music classes in grades TK-12 with singing, playing band instruments, and regular performances.

Younger students sing together and learn to play instruments such as bucket drums, ukuleles, band instruments, and handbells.  Junior high and high school students can participate in concert band, choir, and our elite singing group, Chorale.
A group of young students working togetherA young student doing a science activity
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We offer well-rounded TK-12 music education

Music for Beginners
Private Music Lessons
Concert Band
Praise Teams

Meet the Teachers

Malcolm Twentyman
Malcolm Twentyman
TK-6 Music Teacher
Rhonda Goso
Rhonda Goso
7-12 Music Teacher
Mickey Smith
Mickey Smith
Band Teacher
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