Junior High School

Getting Proficient

In Junior High, our students build on their existing knowledge and become even more proficient in their core subjects. Opportunities for leadership also become available, preparing students for high school and beyond.
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Two 8th Grade class officers posing for a photoStudent working in the Junior High science lab
Junior high student reading on stageA group of junior high students in front of their classroom

We offer a well-rounded junior high school education

Language Arts
Math and Science
Physical Education
Jr. High Band
Jr. High Choir

Meet the Teachers

Rhonda Goso
Rhonda Goso
7-12 Music Teacher
David Roysdon
David Roysdon
Bible/Science/History Teacher
Jennifer Saravia
Jennifer Saravia
Language Arts/Math Teacher
Mickey Smith
Mickey Smith
Band Teacher
Christian Education

Preparing for today and tomorrow

Our school is small but we have a lot to offer. The best way to experience this is to visit us in person, so please schedule a tour to plan your visit!

Affordable Christian Education
TK/Kindergarten through High School
Safe and Welcoming Environment
Photo of the San Diego Academy school campus

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