Updated 9/20/21

COVID-19 Policies

What will school look
like in 2021-2022?

Covid In-Person Plan PDF

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2021-2022 Updated Covid Guidelines from SECC and CPHD (edited January 16, 2022):
Isolation - refers to protocols when someone tests positive
Quarantine - refers to protocols when a close contactBoth antigen (rapid test) and PCR tests are accepted
If someone tests positive, this is the same as being vaccinated (for 90 days)

SICK - stay home until all three resolved: 
1. No fever for 24 hrs w/o fever reducing meds
2. Other symptoms improve and     
3. Negative test or doctor’s note stating symptoms are from another condition or 10 days quarantine.

1. Isolation can end after Day 5 IF no symptoms AND a test on Day 5 with a negative result.*If a student tests positive on Day 5, he/she should not return until after Day 10.
2. Isolation can end after day 10 without testing(**Some schools could allow a student to return between day 6-10 if still positive, with many restrictions - San Diego Academy will NOT be doing that.)

VACCINATION STATUS DEFINITION FOR STUDENTS1. Up to Date - primary vaccinations completed (no booster requirements yet) 

1. 5 Day Quarantine from last contact.  Test on Day 5. If still positive, complete 5 more days of quarantine.  If negative and no symptoms, the student may return.
CLOSE CONTACT - ON  CAMPUS update - for student with a close contact at school If vaccinated - no quarantine If not vaccinated status but both were masked indoors - modified quarantine. Can come to school if asymptomatic for school hours only - no before or after school care or extracurricular activities. If not vaccinated status and one or both not masked - quarantine has been shortened to 5 days if a student is symptom free and tests negative on 5th day and turns in proof.  If the student tests positive or doesn’t test at all, then it’s the 10 day Q.
SCHOOLS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO A MODIFIED QUARANTINE, EVEN IF ELIGIBLE, AND MAY INSTEAD USE THE STANDARD QUARANTINE PROTOCOLS FOR STUDENTS. San Diego Academy … will go to online learning for 7-10 days quarantine,  if there are 3 or more unrelated positive cases in a classroom,  in a 10 day period.
UNVACCINATED STUDENT WITH CLOSE CONTACT - HOUSEHOLD EXPOSURE Quarantine begins once the positive family member enters isolation in the home.  The student can test on Day 5 (or later) and if negative, may return to campus on Day 6 (or later).  If choosing not to test, must remain at home 10 days and return on day 11.If the positive family member cannot isolate, you have to wait for him/her to finish their isolation period before the student's quarantine clock begins.

1. Currently allowed but subject to change; travel insurance advised. 
2. International travel is not advised. 
3. Parents agree to cover all costs associated with required quarantine during a trip if a student must quarantine/isolate. Parents must also fly/drive to the location to supervise their student. 
*School should provide alternate assignments (when applicable) for families unable/unwilling to agree to guidelines.

Here are our Covid prevention and wellness protocols in place:

  • All students and faculty have their temperature taken before entering campus
  • Students and faculty with any symptoms have to stay home
  • Visitors and parents have limited access to campus - this includes at morning dropoff
  • All students and faculty wear masks
  • Students observe social distancing inside and outside the classroom
  • Students wash their hands (or using hand sanitizer) often—before and after using the bathroom, computers, leaving the classroom, etc. and each classroom has an air purifier, fan and ventilation to improve air flow.
  • Signs are posted throughout campus reminding students of safety protocols
  • Teachers have adjusted schedules to minimize contact with other grades
  • Extensive cleaning and disinfecting is done on a daily basis

When Would We Move to Full Quarantine With Distance Learning?

For Elementary TK-8:
1. If there are 3 positive cases in a classroom in a 10 day period, then the classroom will move to Zoom distance learning for 7-10 days (option to test on day 5 and can return day 7 if negative).

2. If there are 5 unrelated cases throughout grades TK-8 in a 10 day period, then all classrooms will move to Zoom distance learning for 7-10 days (option to test on day 5 and can return day 7 if test is negative).

For High School:
If there are 5 unrelated positive cases throughout high school in a 10 day period, then all of the classrooms will move to Zoom distance learning for 7-10 days (option to test on day 5 and then return day 7 if negative).

This is a safety measure for students on campus, voted by our Admin Committee, composed of a handful of teacher representatives and the principal. We are placing proactive measures in place with the purpose to prevent further spread of COVID-19 on campus.

It’s exciting for our students to be back on campus full time and we will keep you updated as things continue to evolve.  


Stephanie Mayang
Interim Principal