Grading Criteria

Your grade in English will be based upon the following equation:

Assignments                                       30%

Attendance                                          2%

Quizzes                                              18%

Reading, Papers, Tests                          50%


Please note that major papers are due on the agreed upon date and will not be accepted for full credit when they are late.


Your grade on all tests and papers will be based upon the following scale:

A — 90% and above

B — 80% and above

C — 65% and above

D — 50% and above

F — below 50%


Your current grade will be posted every Monday morning.  Should you need me to sign any paper which requests your current grade (an “I want to play in the varsity game today,” for instance), the grade on the print-out on the board will be considered your current grade despite any work you may have done or books you may have read during the week.  So . . . plan ahead!


Remember . . .

I do not accept late work.

There is NO extra credit.