Classroom Management


You will need your book, paper, pencil or pen, and any assignments which are due for the day when you come to class.  Pens and paper will not be provided.  Be sure to take care of your visits to the restroom during the passing period, since you may not be going once class has begun.  (You should remember to bring your vocabulary books every Friday — feel free to study Thursday night!)  You will also need a computer disk of your very own if you plan to use the classroom computers.


 1.  You must be on time to class.  Please be in your seat when the bell rings with your homework already turned in to the basket.

 2.  Food, drinks, and chewing gum will not be allowed in the classroom.  You will be allowed one (1) warning, after which any offense of food, drinks, or gum will cost you a buck ($1.00) on the spot and two bucks ($2.00) if I have to wait until tomorrow.  One warning basically means that the first person in a class that I catch is the warning for all class members.  All proceeds from the buck-a-chew fines will be used to buy reading books.

 3.  Learning is enhanced by an orderly environment.  Please treat everyone in the room with the same care you would want extended to you.  Try to use common sense and think before you act or speak out. 

Cell Phones and Pagers

If I hear either, they’re mine!  If your parents need to contact you, the proper way to do so is to go through the office unless you are somehow lucky enough to be the only student in my class.

Desks and Other Classroom Surfaces:

The desks are still looking good!  Wouldn’t it be lovely if they stayed that way?  If you deface the desks in any way, be prepared to replace the one you ruin.  (When they were purchased, each desk cost $105.00.)  Be sure to let me know at the BEGINNING if class if your desk has any writing or carving on it.

The Classroom Computers

All classroom computers are connected to the Internet which is a wonderful aid to students who need to do research for various papers and projects.  Be advised that access to the classroom computers is a privilege which will continue as long as each student uses the computers in a responsible manner.  Students who access inappropriate sites, do not respect the confidentiality of other student’s files or work, or harm the computers in any way will lose computer privileges.  Please see the SDA Bulletin for the complete Acceptable Use Policy.

Dress Code

Please refer to the San Diego Academy Bulletin for a complete description of the dress code.  In brief, you will be required to follow the dress code in the English classroom.  This includes shoes.  Should compliance not be possible with the clothes you have on, you will be sent out until you can comply.  You will also be asked to remove and give up all jewelry.