Attendance Policies

In General . . .

Your attendance (or lack of it) may affect your grade in three ways.  Not being in class means that you may miss hearing important information that will enable you to do assignments, to do well on tests, or to help you write papers.  There are also occasional class assignments we do together in class which cannot be made up.  If you are absent, you are responsible for finding out what you missed and for making up your work promptly.  (See #1 under Assignments.)  You will also get points for being in class every day.

If you have a Pre-Arranged Absence for an extended period of time, get your work before you leave, and plan to turn it in when you return. 


The Last Day of the Quarter/Semester

All AR reading tests must be taken before the bell rings for the end of your class period on the last day of any grading period.  Any tests or quizzes scheduled for the day must be taken.  In other words, ALL work for which you wish to receive credit must be completed before the end of the class period on the last day of any grading period.  If you plan to be absent, you will need to take care of all work before you leave.  Unless there is a death in the family (your own), you will not be making up any work or turning in any work for credit after the end of the quarter.