Academic Policies

Assignments and Papers:

 1.  Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period.  LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.   If you are absent, you have one day to return the work you missed.  If you have been absent longer than a day, you will have no more time to turn in work than days missed.

 2.  You are responsible to keep track of your own assignments.  Keep your assignment sheets until you get a new one and do what they say whether I reminded you or not.  Check your computer print-out weekly to be sure that you have been given proper credit for your work.

 3.  Save your homework papers until they appear on the printout.  I love you, but nothing will convince me that you already did the work like a paper in your hand with my little squiggle on it.

 4.  Unless an assignment is given as a group project, it is assumed that you will do it by yourself.   5.  There is no extra credit.

 5.  Only dark blue or black ink will be acceptable.


Tests, Quizzes, and Papers:

 1.  Again, all papers should be your own work.  No credit will be given for plagiarism, papers written by someone else, or "group" papers.  If we have a disagreement about whether or not a paper is your work, I will give your paper to several of your teachers to read and they will help me determine whether the work is your own or not.

 2.  Cheating will result in no credit and no alternate assignment will be given.

 3.  If you are absent for a test or vocabulary quiz, it will be taken the day you return.  If you wander on to the campus later in the day after missing one of the above, you should be prepared to take the test or quiz that day, or have an extraordinary reason why you cannot.  You may not be allowed to make up the missed test or quiz.

If your behavior causes you to be suspended from school, you will not be allowed to make up the work you miss during your absence.

 4.  Typed papers are due at the beginning of class on the due date.  If you plan to be absent, send your paper with someone so that you do not lose points.

 5.  Tests may not be made up if your absence was not excused.